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    Press: Simply You August 2017

    This issue of Simply You features our pieces in a fashion light rather than the usual Bridal. Natalie loves her pieces to be versatile for bridal and special occasions. The feature we are in is a modern Alice in Wonderland concept. 
    This gorgeous image features our "Captivating Muse in Blush", showcased just in time for race season preparations. 
    "Tumbling Flowers" looking elegant and showing off the best part about it. Those Hand painted flowers on the skirt.
    We love how the sculpture is used to make this shot unique. This on is featuring our "Sylvie in Tiffany Blue"
    We really appreciate publications that love showing off the fashion side of our garments as we love to remind our clientele that Millinery and special occasions are where Natalie Chan Boutique started from. 

    Press: Together Journal Issue 8

    Issue 8 of Together Journal is out now! We love the brown and blue tones of this wedding shot from a couple who were married in California, USA. This issue of Together Journal premiered some of our new "Borrowed Dreams Collection" for the 2017 bridal season

    The model on the right wearing our lovely "Sabatini" dress.

    We are obsessed with the shot. The model is wearing "Dreamt Vision"

    In this awesome action shot, the model is wearing our "New Love" bridal gown

    From our "Yours Ethereally" collection, the model on the right is wearing "Mariee"

    Press: Together Journal Issue 7

    This seasons Together Journal Issue Seven Cover is the most breathtaking shot of the brides dove grey, blue and ivory dress being gracefully picked up by the wind.

    Styled amazingly as always by Together Journal is our "Falling Roses" tulle and lace skirt.

    From out new 2017 Bridal collection, the model on the right is wearing our "Kiki Revisited" Top with our "J'amie" skirt with short lining.

    We love the ever growing style that Together Journal has us falling in love with each issue all over again.

    The Natalie Chan Girls xxx

    Press: NZ Weddings Autumn 2017

    New Zealand Weddings Autumn 2017 issue is our now and we would love to share with you all our features in this seasons issue! Autumn is a great time of year to get married as it is after peak season and before the weather gets too nasty! This issue of NZ weddings features two of our most popular pieces at Natalie Chan Boutique.

    Our "Falling Roses" tulle and lace skirt draping beautifully over model and the chair.

    This stunning shot features our amazingly popular "Opera Skirt in Ivory"

    We love how effortless and gorgeous these photos are. We cannot wait to see what NZ Weddings comes out with next season.

    The Natalie Chan Girls xxx

    Press: Herald on Sunday 19th February

    Polo Chic is the focus of this weeks 'Herald on Sunday' Fashion Column. This Issue features both accessories and clothing to wear for this years polo events. Michiko Hylands always makes the best picks for any occasion and has the eye for true style.

    On this page Michiko picked our "Madeline" dress in ivory and our "Boater in Black and Cream"
    We love the classic aspects of the two pieces and they look amazing paired together or with other pieces.