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    Announcement: Thank You and Farewell

    Image credit: Creative Direction / Stylist: Wildly, Madly, Deeply Photography: Emma from Sweet Events

    Natalie Chan Bridal, Millinery and Special Occasions boutique Farewell and thank you. After close to 20yrs in the industry and 17yrs of owning my fashion business, I have decided to close my boutique's doors and start a new journey. This was not an easy decision, I am still a bit emotional over it as I love it so much.

    As of my big health surgery last year, it had really put things into perspective. Running in a race every day non stop in a race I most of the time can't finish, not getting the sleep I really need, my kids and husband being second priority some (or most of the time..... depends who you are asking....) 

    Jumping out of that race and being forced to slow down was major for me while I took the time to recover, but sliding back into the race and running hundreds of miles of hours burnt me out. 
    Reality was, when work was doing really well...home life with my kids and family was challenging....when home life was going really well....work got challenging......

    I saw the opportunity of a recent lease renewal as a chance to explore other options, including alternative site locations. After a successful 17 years in Parnell, and now with my young family, I have decided to close the business to spend more time with my family and focus on my two wholesale interior businesses along with other projects in the horizon.

    The boutique and online millinery store will close on Saturday 13th of April 2019, I will be moving the Natalie Chan Bridal business beside my wholesale interiors business to honour the brides we are currently looking after until their special day and we will still be continuing our current bridal collection, LONG LIVE ROMANCE until early November 2019.

    I am so passionate about everything I do and have loved every part of creating a successful business with my talented team whilst dressing 100’s of beautiful women, many of whom are now friends, from brides to race day attendees to social occasions.

    It’s been such a pleasure and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, so the decision to close the business wasn’t taken lightly, but the time is right for me to close on a high note. Marc and Juni can’t wait to see me more and I’m looking forward to focusing my energy on new projects. As my good friends know that I actually can't sit around and do much...I will be bored out of my mind!

    Thank you to all my family and friends who have supported me since day one of when I first started to those that have just gotten to know me, you know who you are. I am really grateful for the support over the years which allowed the business to grow to where it is today.

    For those who would like to know, we will be having a sample dress and Millinery sale online and in store starting on the 4th of March and a workroom sale starting on the 1st of April.

    Natalie Chan X One Fine Day Bridal Market

    Natalie and our sales manager Nicole were lucky enough to travel to New York this past April to show the "Long Live Romance" collection and the One Fine Day Bridal Market as a part of New York Bridal Fashion Week. They met some amazing people in the wedding industry and got to explore New York a little bit in the process. While at the Bridal Market, they were photographed by the amazingly talented Jean Laurent Gaudy for a feature in Together Journal. We wanted to share some of those amazing pictures with you.
    Photography: Jean Laurent Gaudy
    Model Hair and Make-up: Aylin_mua
    Candles: Jo Malone

    Styled Shoot: Long Live Romance takes Australia

    We are so excited for all of our Australian brides to attend our various trunk shows over the coming weeks all over the Country, While the entire "Long Live Romance" collection was over in Australian, we collaborated with some amazing vendors to produce a set of images that showcase the beautiful landscape of rural Sydney along with some of our favourite pieces from the collection, including "Carrie" in Dove Grey, "Eva", "Blake", "Cleo", "Sandy" In dove grey with "Bo" in Stars and lastly "Jackie" with "Giselle" in dove grey.
    Photography: Bear Deer Fox

    Natalie Chan Presents: Long Live Romance

    Our newest collection celebrates the illustrious love stories of some of the most iconic couples (fictional and factual!) known from history and through to the modern day. We swooned over the love letters exchanged between Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, were captivated by the decades long marriage between Iman and David Bowie, re-watched the fantastic big screen romance of Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko, and let our hearts run away with the bittersweet story of Prince Siegfried and the Swan Princess Odette. We came away feeling utterly inspired by all of the different forms that romance can come in.

    The designs in the range see clean lines and modern silhouettes that are enhanced with winsome details. A carefully curated selection of tulle, laces, and silks has been used as we love these fabrics for their abilities to be draped, pleated and appliqued in the most beautiful ways.

    Through our journey of exploring these couples' stories, we were reaffirmed with the idea that love knows no bounds.

    Photos @JonnyScott
    Hair and Make-up @madeupbyruth
    Jewellery @ZoeandMorgan
    Model Claudia from 62models
    shoes @ChaosandHarmony

    Natalie Chan Presents: Curated by Natalie

    After the wonderful reception of the release of our "Classic Capsule Collection", we have honed in on the most loved separates from the range and created a series of looks comprised of these pieces. No longer is bridal attire restricted to 'The Dress' as its only option, we cater to the savvy and forward thinking bride with a range of bridal tops and skirts that have been paired up in perfect harmony.  

    We believe the journey of searching for your bridal outfit should be effortless and have created a streamlined process to reflect this, each of the 20 looks in the "Curated by Natalie" collection (numbered in its French counterpart from 'Une' to 'Vingt') is available to be purchased from our boutique.

     From classic and demure, to sleek and contemporary and of course sweet and romantic, we have an ensemble perfect for every type of bride.

    This is just a handful of the range of beautiful ensembles we are introducing the the Natalie Chan collection. You are still able to purchase these pieces separately, please email sales@nataliechan.co.nz to inquire about any of the ensembles or pieces.
    The Natalie Chan Girls xxx