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    NEWS — drinks cart

    Natalie Chan's Very Whimsical Tea Party- Drinks Cart

    Recently we staged a bridal and bridesmaids shoot with a group of talented and like-minded friends to showcase a selection of my latest designs. 

    Alongside the fashion styling we styled a lovely wee drinks cart infusing our love of  the look of romance meets rustic. Below is a description of a 'drinks cart how-to'...

    Source a beautiful vintage tea trolley or two tier table.

    Pick a theme around your favourite themes, mine here is romance meets rustic.

    Gather appropriate props in relation to your theme, we have gone with glittered wooden letters, roses, old books, a teacup and wooden logs.

    Dream up your dream menu, and put it to reality! Here I have gone with champagne served with strawberries, ice blocks made from iced tea and an array of pretty berries, and lastly a selection of organic ice teas.


    Think about your serve-wear in accordance with what you will be serving, I love drinking champagne out of champagne saucers so naturally have chosen a collection of my favourite crystal cups. The champagne is kept chilled in a silver ice bucket while the ice blocks are presented on glass cake stands.


    When styling it altogether, think about aesthetics, proportions and easy accessibility. Utilize your props to create height and interest. Also think about the overall space you want to display in, here I have found a space in front of a personal favourite artwork of mine and have also strung up some festoon lights.

    And viola! Step back and admire your display before your guests come and kindly devour your hard work!


    Until next time!

    The Natalie Chan girls