Diary of a Hat October 07 2014, 0 Comments

As you may know by now, here at Natalie Chan HQ we take great pride in precious craftsmanship through creating all of our head wear, in house. This means the entire process from designing to blocking to wiring to hand finishing is all completed by our dedicated team of fashion design trained staff in our atelier above the boutique in Parnell.

In the lead up to our annual millinery collection launch next week, we bring you an exclusive behind the scenes snippet at the process of creating one of our new hat designs.


We have decided on creating a hat in one of our favourite colours for the new season-a faded chartreuse. Using a wooden hat block, we stretch a capeline material over top and with the help of a few extra weights (hidden in the picture!) we mold and pin it into our intended shape. We use a specialised stiffening formula to harden and shape the hat.


Once the capeline is dry and ready to be removed we carefully do so and cut around the base.


To further help keep the hat in its proper shape we mold a wire that is to be hand sewn on the inner brim of the hat.


Once the wire has been attached (again its hidden in the photo!) and the edge has been bound, we choose an array of orchids to embellish the hat. Keeping to a neutral colour palette, we love the way the crisp white of the blooms and the greenery complement the colour of the base.

All Natalie Chan head wear is labelled with a signature blush pink peterhsam tag. A thin elastic is attached to the sides which are then worn around the back of ones head. And here you can see a peek at where the wire has been sewn on to sit.


 And voila! One completed hat! The beret type shape with a small peak at the back has turned out quite successfully. Looks easy enough in the photos, doesn't it?! There are of course a plethora of photos we could show you to detail the entire process in specific, but some secrets are best kept in the trade we think!


We can't wait to present to you this hat with along 30 others in its full context as we prepare to launch in 8 days time.



The Natalie Chan girls