A Look Back: Diner en Blanc '15 February 23 2015, 0 Comments

This year the Natalie Chan team all went along to wonder that is Diner en Blanc!

The scene! With a lovely feather flower wearing Frances in the corner.

Originating in Paris 25 years ago, the concept of the event is for guests to assemble en mass in a "secret" public location (told to us only on the day), each equipped with our own gourmet picnic to partake in an evening of mingling, fine dining, and dancing. Once finished, all in attendance are to pack up their belongings, with the idea to leave the space we occupied as it was before we came

Suspense was high as to where the secret location would be as we had heard that the event organisers were anticipating this years event to double that of last years, as we boarded the bus and played the guessing game, we soon arrived in the city and saw the rest of our party setting up in Britomart Square. We quickly went about setting up our tables, chairs and most importantly our meal!

Unpacking a picnic basket

Picnic on a cake stand!

The Natalie Chan team with our dear friend Stephie

Natalie with Cathy from Pernod Ricard and Colin Mathura-Jeffree

 It was a marvel to witness the entirety of guests dressed head to toe in white as is Diner en Blanc tradition, ladies favored beautiful dresses while the gentlemen were equally as elegant in white chinos and button up shirts. In following with tradition again, guests waved their linen napkins en masse to signify the start of the night and after our meals we all lit our sparklers to signify the start of the dancing.

 Sparkler action!

We had such a great time and a huge congratulations to the wonderful Campbell+Co team for yet another amazingly run event.


Until next time!

The Natalie Chan girls