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A Date with the Surrealist 2013

We released our latest headwear range on the 8th of October 2013!

In this collection, Natalie Chan looks to romanticise the notion of surrealism, in which her handcrafted creations too each become a work of art. The Spanish artist Salvador Dali plays a major source of inspiration as she looked to his use of imagery, colour palette and symbolism.

'Cinta Grande'

Natalie really expanded her repertoire this year, as she creates daring new hat shapes in sinamay and parisisal, abaca folds are explored with also in shades of cream, blush and navy. Leather work is incorporated for the first time as seen in oversized leather flowers and the pillbox piece ‘Felipa’ as its base. Veiling too appears in a new form, manipulated with melted edges. These new techniques sit alongside signature Natalie Chan looks such as the hand rolled silk rosettes, disc hats, variant textures, and feathered butterflies.

Left: 'Felipa' in red                                                     Right: 'Mirada'

Left: 'Flor De Seda' pictured in black                         Right: 'Volando' pictured in pink

(Available in six colours)

The standout piece ‘Grande Flori’ and its smaller sister piece ‘Ana Maria’ were directly inspired by Dalis’s use of muted colour and images of mountains and landscapes in his paintings.

Left: 'Grande Flori'                                                     Right: 'Ana Maria'


Lips are another frequent motif used by Dali as inspired by the actress Mae West and her famous pout , Natalie has reinvented them in the parisisal piece ‘Reverencia’ and also appear in ‘Besame’ .

Left: 'Reverencia'                                                       Right: 'Besame' in ivory


Dali’s butterfly ship was another point of reference in which has been referred to, caught in a net ‘Catching Mariposa’ on headbands and on combs.

Left: 'Catching Mariposa' in black                                Right: 'Aleteo' in red

Using the highest level of craftsmanship ‘A Date with the Surrealist’ features exclusive hand crafted couture millinery designs for the races, weddings and special occasions.



The Natalie Chan girls